Club Policies

We are a fully integrated club. We play with respect and harmony. Pickleball was created to be fun, competitive and a highly social sport. Since its inception, it has embodied an ethic of good sportsmanship. This includes respect, fair play and graciousness in winning or losing.

Pickleball Court and Club Etiquette


  • Treat all members/guests with courtesy and respect.
  • Introduce yourself to any player/member you do not know.
  • Respect the equipment and our facility and please help keep it clean.
  • Respect the schedule and the court reservations.
  • If you only want to play with a select group of people, please reserve a court through PicklePlanner.
  • If you are unsure of your skill level, please do a self-evaluation. The questionnaire is available on the bulletin board in the lounge.
  • Please attend sessions that are at your skill level. Open play is where you can enjoy playing with a variety of skills.
  • If you are unsure of your skill level, please do a self-assessment.
Practice good sportsmanship
  • Players are responsible for line calls. If the receiving team is unsure the ball is "IN".
  • When making line calls respect your opponent’s right to make all calls on their end of the court.
  • Call your own shot "OUT" if you see it out.
  • Do not call a ball "OUT" unless you clearly see it.
  • Resolve any uncertainty in favor of your opponents.
  • Call a fault on yourself or your partner as soon as the fault occurs, regardless of whether your opponents are aware of the fault.
  • Claim a replay only if a hindrance affects your team's ability to play the ball.
Guidelines for club play
  • Ensure ALL players are integrated and everyone plays.
  • Rotate on and off the court fairly, and courteously.
  • Each group should elect a leader to ensure fairness and integrated play.
  • Rotation samples:
    • No one waiting: play to 11, win by 2, rotate between groups when two or more games have finished.
    • 1 to 4 waiting: play to 11, win by 1, winners stay and split
    • 5 or more waiting: play to 9, win by 1, 4 on and 4 off
    • Use pickleball play apps with a timer (10 or 12 minutes).
    • Please avoid hitting excessively to a weaker player.
    • Be considerate when playing less and more skilled players.
    • Coach others only when asked.
Make safety a priority, and use common sense.
  • We strongly recommend that all members and guests wear eye protection and proper court shoes.
  • Please avoid running backward on the court. Turn and run forward.
  • When your ball strays onto another court, please call out loud "Ball Court #".
  • Wait in your court for the ball to be returned.
  • If a ball strays onto your court, make eye contact with the correct person, and toss it back to them without disrupting play on other courts.
  • Never throw your paddle or strike the ball in anger or frustration.
  • If you must cross over or behind an active court, wait until play has stopped. Then cross quickly in a single group to minimize disruption of play.

Facility Safety Tips

We share our facility with Curl Moncton.
  • Be aware that at times the main door is unlocked. We are not responsible for lost items.
  • Please take care with your items and take precautions to keep them safe.
  • In case of FIRE, please use emergency exits, and gather at Squash Moncton
  • When arriving and leaving the facility when dark; please take steps to stay safe.
  • Do NOT leave valuables in the lounge area when playing. (Phone, car keys, wallet)
  • Please do not drink liquids on the court. Please go to the ends where the chairs are.
  • When arriving, please clean your footwear at the main door.
  • Please remove your outdoor footwear as soon as possible when you arrive.
  • Please only wear indoor court shoes on the courts.
  • Please keep your facility clean. Pick up after yourself. Put chairs back.
  • If you arrive early, take the large broom and sweep the courts.
  • First Aid Kit is located in the lounge area.
  • Defibrillator is located in Curl Moncton
  • In case of a power outage, emergency lights will come "ON"
  • If you see a safety hazard, please bring to the boards attention.

Guest Policy

Pickleball Moncton is a member’s club and does not offer drop-in play for non-members. However, if a local non-member would like to try Pickleball at our Club, we offer up to two free sessions before deciding to become a member or not. Prior to being a guest, that person must:

Out-of-town Visitor

If you are an out-of-town player (from over an hour away) and wish to play at our club while you are in Moncton, you may play as an out-of-town visitor. However, prior to your arrival, you will need to:

Report an incident

For liability and insurance purposes, all accidents or incidents occurring while at our club must be reported immediately. Please download and complete the form from the link below.

This form must be returned either :

Fun, social and competitive!

Our inclusive club is a place where play is fun, social, and competitive with the possibility to improve everybody’s skills.
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