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January 24, 2024

We asked questions, listened, and developed new policies that we hope will respond to the incredible growth we're experiencing, as well as the increasing demand for time on the courts. The biggest challenge is how to satisfy everyone. We are sure you all agree that this is virtually impossible. However, we believe that these new policies and the new schedule provide more options, and opportunities to satisfy the current membership. As volunteer board members, we are here to serve the entire membership, and that includes all levels and types of members; those who want to play in the various sessions, who want to join a team or training sessions, who want to play every day, who are retired or working, who want to reserve a court and play with their friends. The list goes on and one, and we think we've found a balance and hope you'll give it a try. Let's work together and continue to make this the best Pickleball club in the region!

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Fun, social and competitive!

Our inclusive club is a place where play is fun, social, and competitive with the possibility to improve everybody’s skills.
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