Enhance your club experience with tools that make booking your game times a breeze!

Playtime Scheduler

All members of the club MUST sign-up for this FREE app.
With Playtime Scheduler, you can sign up for one of our dedicated sessions based on your skill level or the group you'd like to join. Having everyone registered with the app allows session organizers to include you in the rotation. This provides the club with data that allows us to monitor schedule usage and member attendance.

Thanks for respecting these club policies:

  • If you decide not to attend the session, please remove your name immediately so that others may join.
  • If you invite a guest, please indicate their name in the Notes. (Members can invite guest two times for free so they may experience our club. After that, they can decide to join or not)

Pickle Planner

This FREE app is required when you wish to reserve a court.
Once you've registered and completed your profile, members can see when courts are available for booking. When booking, you must indicate the name of the club member joining you. They must also register in order to appear in the member list on the app. If the member does not register, they are not permitted to play for security and club monitoring purposes.

Thanks for respecting these club policies:

  • If you decide not to use the reservation please cancel it immediately so that others may have access.
  • You must indicate the names of those who are joining you.

Fun, social and competitive!

Our inclusive club is a place where play is fun, social, and competitive with the possibility to improve everybody’s skills.
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